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Just a wee bit of rain.

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The morning air, washed clean by an evening rain, was crisp and fresh. The scenery on the way to the border greatly improved over the day previous as the road traveled adjacent to large rock formations, lakes, rivers and rolling hills with thick green forests. The road surfaces also greatly improved (a welcome relief) as we traveled east. The landscape eventually changed to large farms and the hills evened out to flat expanses of crop covered fields.

motor maids

We met and had lunch with the Motor Maids at a truck stop in Arnprior. Lise Sculland had been in contact with Ad on the trip and really wanted to meet the Old Bags. (Motor Maids – the first motorcycle group exclusively for women. Co- founded in 1940 by Hall of Famer, Dot Robinson, who rode well into her later years on a pink Harley w/sidecar…Sidecar? For the golf clubs, of course.) It was an honor to meet these women.

barbThe border crossing went without incident. (Phew!) And it was on to George and Marcia Cox’s house in the north country.

The arrival at Cat’s Uncle George’s was filmed for posterity and at the top of the driveway was our favorite sign, Welcome Old Bags on Bikes – Day 29. Uncle George and Aunt Marcia outdid themselves. Not only was there wonderful company and great food (even white hot dogs!), but there was a band—Girls Night Out with Cory, Mike and George, to celebrate the Old Bag’s arrival! There was a ceremony to light the official Old Bags grills to kick off the event. The lighting of the second grill (WOOOOF!!!)  almost took off Cat’s eyebrows. Yes, the gas was on.



Barbara drove a 1930 Model A, (thank you so much Glen and Donna Seymour) with Cat as a passenger. Ad and Lynne rode in the rumble seat.

bandThere was dancing and laughing and family and friends (and beer and wine) into the night.

Road Signs:
Something in French that sounded sexy, but meant “Stay off the soft shoulder”

Things We Learned Today:
• On a long trip, it is inevitable that bird crap will land on your helmet at highway speeds.
• Personal hygiene decreases in direct proportion to the decrease in the distance to home. (I can wear those jeans just one more day.)

The trip from North Bay, Ontario, Canada back into the states to Uncle George’s place in Colton, NY added 307.4 miles to the total.


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Familiar Faces


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Thank you Glen and Donna!

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