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Our search for aliens was for naught. However, I think people thought we were the Pinto People from the planet Pinto. We have some seriously strange tans in progress what from wearing gloves, goggles, glasses, watches and shirts of varying sleeve length. We may be having a contest. You can vote for the weirdest tan.

Got gas.

momMothers Day! We stopped in Albuquerque and surprised Lynne’s mother. She and her husband Jerry met us at, you guessed it, Cracker Barrel and generously treated us to lunch.

Got gas.

The scenery commanded the occasional roadside stop to take in the view. It is amazing to be on a road and see so far in any direction that you can see the rain coming down in the next county. Dust devils danced in the distance and cumulus clouds rose high into the sky. It’s almost like riding in a movie or a commercial. One stop startled a group of jackrabbits prompting the “oooh oooh”, followed by frenzied pointing and an exclamation “Running things!!!” This was, of course, the precursor to grazing things, tumbling things, crawling things, flying things and waving things.


We pulled into Farmington a mere five minutes after the Four Corners H-D dealership closed. After one phone call and a brief explanation of our predicament (no NM pins/patches!), the generous and gracious folks at the dealership kept the doors open and waited for us to arrive. A special thank you to Andy Dublick and Mike Karlin (and Jace and Cruz) for going the extra mile for some customers from Long Island.


Andy Dubick, his sons Cruz and Jace and Mike Karlin at 4 Corners HD

Road signs:
WIND GUSTS may exist
Safety Corridor (What is that? And why are fines doubled in them?)
Sharp Curves Steep Inclines

Things we learned today:
• Tumbleweeds, when exposed to a hot motorcycle engine, will combust.
(I thought I smelled something burning!)
• Items not secured to the bike will depart rapidly.
• Stowed raingear will always be in the last place you look.

Our trip across the deserts of New Mexico from Roswell to Farmington added 393 miles to our total. For those of you interested, we’ve traveled 3406.8 miles.

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