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danceThe morning began with an Interpretive Bike Cover Dance by Ad with an assist by the ever present wind. Then it was back to I-90 East, bye bye Sioux Falls. Miles after mile, corn fields lined either side of the highway. Crop dusters wheeled about like dragonflies, flying in low over the fields and then zooming straight up into the cloudless sky.

The travel was easy—pleasant. Jackets were in order for most of the morning. The aroma in the air prompted new suggestion for a Calvin Klein perfume/cologne line...Eau de Farm: Available in Cow, Pig, Sweet Feed, Barnyard, Hay and Unidentified Eeew. It was flat and it went on and on and on and on and on. Through Minnesota and out the other side.


A special hello to our new readers in Australia, Germany and Iraq. Welcome aboard! (And you folks in Iraq—be safe.)

Beware rural exits where you can’t see the service station from the interstate.

mirrorLow hills grew and we crossed the Mississippi for the second time on the trip, entering Wisconsin. A sign indicated we were riding into a Road Paint Test Zone.  There were all these lines, yellow, white, and orangey painted perpendicular to the direction of traffic. It was like riding over a large Bridget Reilly Op Art painting.

Road Signs:
Agriculture: The Backbone of America
Spam Museum
Road Paint Test Area

Things We Learned Today:
• The large bug will smack flat into the palm of your hand when you signal to change lanes (and yellow goo will splatter all over your arm)

The road to Madison, WI through the state of Minnesota, from Sioux Falls, SD provided and additional 442 miles to our total (8435.2)—two countries and 27 states.


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We did Laundry Today!


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