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The day began with the sound of, you guessed it, RAIN falling on the skylight. Fortunately, it was an isolated cell, but being practical, we put on our rain gear anyway. Today's journey took us through the Smokey Mountains traversing some wonderful "twisties". We encountered a Biker Brigadoon, or perhaps it was Biketopia, (Biker Mecca? Biker Heaven?) There were motorcycles of all sorts everywhere. Why? In a word - roads. It's the roads down here. The roads are the reason. One particularly beautiful route included 143 into the Cherohala Skyway (thank you Glenn!) with sweeping turns and stunning vistas that elicited many oooohs and aaaahs.



Stopped in Chattanooga, TN.  Got a shirt.

The day truly just about ended with a bang as a tractor trailer sustained a blowout not too far in front of us. Saw it before we heard it and the "bang" was like a gunshot. The debris field emanated from the back of the truck in slow motion with the alligator flying through the air, twisting and turning amidst a shower of smaller fragments of tire tread. (Note to self— change underwear tonight.)

Last stop today was Birmingham, AL—381.5 miles from our departure point in NC and passing through TN.

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