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Miss You!


girlsSomebody...Play Misty for Me. Once again, a morning fog covered the bikes with a fine cold mist. Rain gear was the order of the day. Portland was soon in the rear view mirror, the volcano to the north our destination for the morning. The mist soon turned to rain—a cold hard rain—“see your breath” cold rain. Pine with a strong cedar note filled the air as we slowly traveled the winding forest roads leading to Windy Ridge.

Mt. St Helen’s erupted 26 years ago. She is still rumbling occasionally and developing a lava dome. In addition, there is a glacier growing atop the crater. Entering the blast zone, one encounters entire forests of trees blown down in the same direction. Awesome.


And we saw none of it. Not a thing. Zippo.


What we should have seen.

Moving on to Yakima brought with it a 35 degree temperature change. Our lunchtime café waitress offered hope that the weather would break once White Pass was crossed. She was correct. Just like the previous day’s Magic Tunnel, the weather lifted, temps rose and it was blue skies with puffy clouds and stunning vistas. The potential beauty of the previous miles traveled through the inclement weather will remain a wishful imagining until a return visit is possible.

flowersOn a separate note…. Nature always manages to find a way. Witness the flowers growing from the rocks. Each destination has its own version of this recurring theme. Such delicate beauty springs from such harsh conditions.

We bought fruit.

Things We Learned Today:
• If you go to sleep with your clothes on, you get up already dressed!
• No matter how expensive or good the rain gear to keep you dry, it won’t.

Road Signs:
Motorcycle Use Extreme Caution (Why!? Tell me why!!!)
Abrupt Edge
Drown it. Stir it. Feel it. Thanks! (Your guess is as good as mine.)

A short day, mileage wise, OBOB rode a mere 237.4 miles from Portland, OR to Yakima, WA via Mt. St. Helen’s.


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On the Road


Looking east...

• • • • •


Same road, looking west.

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