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St. Louis Cathedral, French Quarter,
New Orleans

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You just never know.....We began the morning learning that the hotel we bunked at overnight was, in fact, one of certain notoriety. It seems that a lawyer was held hostage there last week and the SWAT team had paid a visit. Wow. Met Jim Bettes - he has  ridden in fifty states and was intrigued by our trip.
Then it was off for a quick trip to Heart of Dixie H-D in Alabama for some minor repairs. A kickstand malfunction prompted a loss of transmission fluid and another bike developed a whacky speedo. The dealership couldn't have been more accommodating and helpful and we were soon on our way.

Guess what? No RAIN - no rain gear. No strange black marks on hands.
But we finally hit the heat. Staying cool takes just as much work as staying dry. 
Our picture was taken by a newspaper photographer who happened to be
at one of our hydration stops in Mississippi.

road trip

New Orleans. The devastation and damage from last year still apparent in so many places: Entire neighborhoods uninhabitable. Shopping plazas empty. Dead trees snapped in half strewn about at random. We walked around the French Quarter and availed ourselves of some fabulous local cuisine before moving on to Baton Rouge for the night.

Things learned when you're really tired:
• You need to take the paper OFF the soap before you wet it.
• You can't change the channels on the microwave.

We rode into the early evening along I-10 concluding the day in LA, 443.3 miles from our starting point having ridden from AL through MS.

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