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Today we played in one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful playgrounds. After requesting a late checkout for one room, we stashed our gear and took off, unencumbered, for Zion National Park. Amazing. Stunning. Wonderful. Despite hitting some sprinkles on the way there, the blue sky followed us into the park. Saw some crawly things – thought for a minute they were going to try to sell us insurance. We took advantage of the Park’s shuttle service to traverse the interior.


For those of you wondering, we are turtles. There are no chase vehicles, trailers or vans following us. No mechanics. No assistance. We are self sufficient. Everything we need we carry on our bikes. If we don’t have it, we find it or buy it. If we don’t use it, we ship it home. Check the profile pages for our email addresses if you are so inclined.

Late afternoon found us enroute to Las Vegas, NV. Riding through the mountains we encountered some RAIN. It was white knuckle time for about a half mile on I-15. It blew up out of nowhere with lightning, winds and a downpour to beat the band. Yes, a rainbow was spotted in the rear view mirror, but was not about to stop for a photo op on this one. Oh, by the way, it's monsoon season over here.

Then someone put us in the oven again. (We are now well beyond “well done” and are into the “crispy” zone.) The heat ramped up almost immediately after we rode out of the rain. Dried off within minutes. Rolled into Vegas in the early evening. How cool is that?

Road Signs:
Severe Crosswinds a Possibility Next 9 Miles

What we learned today:
• Read labels. Hand & body lotion makes lousy hair conditioner.
• Always know in which direction your shuttle bus is traveling.
• Words on signs change when you are hungry (ie. Wolfe Ranch = Waffle Ranch)



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