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Old Faithful


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Hot Spring


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Bird in Flight


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archThank you, Teddy Roosevelt, for the foresight to establish a National Park. Yellowstone, the first National Park, is a crown jewel in the Parks system. Immense and varied, it has everything from active geothermal vents, geysers, canyons, meadows, waterfalls, wildlife and miles of roadway enough to make any biker drool.

The route to Old Faithful passed several thermal basins with hot springs. Steam seeped through the rocks. Mineral deposits coated the edges and nothing could survive in any close proximity. At one point, the noxious odor, initially thought to be the previous night’s chili cheese fries, was soon discovered to be the Eau de Hell of the sulfur emanating from the ground.

Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon was breathtaking. There are no words.


And it was off to spend the night in Cody, WY.  Bison dotted the meadows traveling towards the northeast entrance. They are truly enormous creatures. The Park Rangers had advised a detour due to construction on the roadway (one lane gravel covered switchbacks) so a northerly route was taken. You can’t make this up. Once again, out of the park on the Beartooth Highway, the road vanished. Scraped right off the earth. This time the only warning was a sign indicating Construction Ahead. It seems that when they want to do any type of road repair, Montana just removes it and starts over.


Chief Joseph Scenic Highway (WY Route 296) is a must.

A special shout out to our international readers from Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Holland, Germany, Iran and any others I may have missed. Come on over. Rent a Harley and see what this wonderful country has to offer.

Road Signs:
BEARS EXIT NOW (I didn’t know they could drive)
Danger Ahead  (What!?! Tell me what!!!)
Open Range / Loose Cattle

Things We Learned Today:
• A bug flying up your nose at highway speeds is no laughing matter.

327.8 miles were ridden today from Bozeman, MT to Cody, WY via Yellowstone National Park.


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