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A cloudless sky beckoned in the early morning. The low brown hills of Yakima gave way to endless acres of various crops, the spindly irrigation systems showering them with water. An occasional narrow ribbon of pavement meandered into the amber distance. This went on for miles. Perfect riding weather.

As Idaho neared, the hills returned and began to grow larger becoming more and more massive. Before long, the scent of pine returned and the semis loaded with fresh cut trees once again shared the Interstate. The panhandle of Idaho was a quick traverse.

Stopped for lunch in Montana and discovered huckleberries. Huckleberry lemonade, huckleberry BBQ sauce, huckleberry pie, huckleberry suckers...You name it, they made it. (Bears also like huckleberries!) The place also had a Free Trout Aquarium. They looked amazingly like plain trout from streams. Not sure what was so “free” about them. They wouldn’t let me have one.

The tail end of the trek through the Flathead Reservation held a wonderful surprise view, up and over a hill and, taa daa, Flathead Lake with mountains in the background. It wasn’t much further to Kalispell.


Road Signs:
Ecology Youth Working
Fruit Antiques

Things We Learned Today:
• Sweatshirt hood ties, left unsecured, will mercilessly slap the heck out of you at highway speeds.

Today’s trip from Yakima, WA, through ID, to Kalispell, MT was 441.5 miles.


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