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signWisconsin is home to the Green Bay Packers, Cheeseheads, Yoopers and (drum roll, please) Harley-Davidson. A steel gray sky canopied the Interstate leading into Milwaukee. The anticipation of finally visiting the Mothership, (3700 W Juneau Ave.; aka home; Harley Central; the place where it all started) the place that made this entire trip a possibility, was palpable.


Unbelievable! Here we were, met by the Editor of HOGtales (Christine Adamavich) for an interview. A parking area had been cordoned off for a photo shoot! Our friend and International Man of Mystery, Bruce Motta  (also double timing as Regional Manager until a replacement can be found) was there to meet us as well. It was wonderful!

barbAnd then a disappointment...The Juneau Ave store is closed on Fridays! Fortunately, we were promised pins to be sent at a later date. Whew! The House of Harley dealership provided retail relief for Milwaukee souvenirs. Stopped at a local burger favorite, Kopps, for lunch and didn’t leave hungry.  We stopped briefly at Seguins for some real Wisconsin cheese and various other sundry items to send home.

It was on to Michigan, continuing to travel under an overcast sky and ending the day in Escanaba after traveling along the west side of Green Bay. Beautiful!


Things We Learned Today:
• After coming to a stop, the bike starts better in first gear, not fifth.
• Cheese curds, when eaten at room temperature, squeak.

The trek from Madison, WI to Escanaba, MI via Milwaukee added 324.1 miles.


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