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All of us are “Alpha” females, Type A personalities, professional women in our own right. At the same time we couldn’t be more different… single, married, widowed and divorced – mothers, grandmothers and one with no kids at all (just a demented cat!) with backgrounds and personal histories about as varied as possible. Yet, there is just a dash of Type T personality thrown in the mix; that desire for adventure, underpinning our common bond – riding our Harley–Davidson motorcycles. Without it, we may well have never met at all. And the trip? Merely an imaginative flirtation with a “what if” in our dreams.
(Or, of course, lived out by our doubles in an alternate universe.)

And so…

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History bears witness
that no great endeavor
is ever accomplished in
isolation. The Old Bags on Bikes have been overwhelmed by the generous support afforded us for The Trip. This small note
is to graciously acknowledge our “OBOB Team”, our proverbial pit crew, without whom this trip would not be possible. We are most grateful
for the encouragement, well-wishes, prayers, poems, advice, gadgets, “how to”
tips and gear, shirts, financial support, products, hospitality, general interest and the occasional marriage proposal sent our way over the past few months. Thanks, too, for telling your friends about us! And, in closing, to the few negative nay sayers who have no faith
in the power of a determined group of women...you can buy us a cup of coffee when we exit the Pt. Jeff Ferry on July 25th.