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Tommy Tietjen
TGN Foods, Inc.

Heather & Joe Collins
CRN - CMP Media


Graphic Artist
Group Editorial Production Manager - CMP Media LLC
(creates award winning trade publications for "The Channel")
Company owner: Sez You! Graphic Design

Challenged the Board of Education in 1971 to become
the first “girl” to take shop class in Nassau County

Status: Divorced - Single Mom

Riding: 32 years

Owns: 2001 FLHRCI (Road King Classic)
2003 FXSTI (Softail Standard)

National Harley Owner’s Group (HOG)
— Local HOG chapters:
~ Nassau County, NY (officer)
~ Lighthouse, NY
~ Long Island, NY
~ Johnstown, PA
~ Lehigh Valley, PA

Why: (sing it with me)…Oh beautiful, For spacious skies, For amber waves
of grain, For purple mountain’s majesty, above the fruited plain; I need to find
Pee-Wee’s bike… in the basement… at the Alamo; I’m not getting any younger you know, and; Absolutely, without a doubt, Because I Can!
(This really was a trick question…right?)

Contact: cannone@optonline.net


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