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1st Meeting

In the Beginning...

And so the plan was hatched. The dream was born, immediately taking shape before we touched down. We would ride our Harleys around the USA. No guys – no husbands – no boyfriends; Just “the girls.” Who would we ask to join us? We both agreed to agree before we extended an invitation to anyone. Riding experience, congenial personality and a bike with a big gas tank became the three primary qualifiers. When would we go? The following summer seemed like the logical choice. It would also give us time to plan and prepare. How long? A month - we still have full time jobs; can’t stay away for too long. Giddy with the prospect of accomplishing this escapade, we couldn’t help but smile. We could do this!

The jet touched down for a short layover. Barb called Joyce from the tarmac in Baltimore. Her enthusiastic resounding response was heard two rows back when queried on her interest in joining the adventure. We were now three. Adeline was next on the list and was called that night. She immediately accepted. Four.

The next one invited, sadly, declined, citing resources and time away from work as to why she could not go. We held the spot for her hoping that she might change her mind. Another was invited, providing she use her second bike with the larger tank garaged in another state. She may join us for part of the trip through the southwest.

The next invitation was extended to Lynne. Five. An excellent rider, she had driven (in a car) across the US with her daughter and always wanted to ride through the country on an extended trip. Margaret became the sixth member of our merry band. A recent health issue prompting an introspective review of life provided the impetus for her to accept the invitation for the trip of a lifetime. Six is a good number.

Word of the trip has gotten around and we have had to graciously turn down others who wish to join us. Who wouldn’t want to do this? Our friend, Dennis, went as far as to offer to dress in women’s clothing for the duration of the trip if he could go with us, but we told him his mustache would give him away!

Planning and preparation have been paramount. Barb and Ad both bought second bikes - Road Kings (Road Queens!) to use for the trip. Cat modified hers with new cams and a super premium oil cooler. Everyone has been accumulating gear and making lists. In January, we had our first meeting and have had one, subsequently, each month. The route is planned and the legs divided among the group. The countdown has started. The anticipation is contagious. Not a day goes by that it doesn’t cross our minds, becoming more intrusive upon the daily routine…. “Go day” is not that far away. And the smile just creeps up out of nowhere.