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Did someone say Cracker Barrel? Blue skies and dry roads greeted us as we started the day with a trip to the Winchester H-D dealership and then breakfast at Cracker Barrel. What is it about Cracker Barrel?

We skirted rain clouds, got gas, and rode south...got gas; put on our rain gear and rode south some more. At one point, our rain gear became sauna suits and while we did think this might be a way to lose weight, we decided...no. Soon enough again it was black clouds and torrential downpours. The
temps actually dropped precipitously when we topped some of those pretty mountains and the clouds were surreal. Hello, Dali!  Incidentally, the GPS has already served its purpose well. We did have one encounter with the law.
A VA State Trooper motorcycle officer made us all Junior Deputies
(Ha! Now I have a ruler and a badge!) Assisted him in unloading his cruiser
off a trailer in back of Roanoke Valley H-D and shared our story with him.
PS—a simple request of the service manager for a piece of black electrical tape for a minor repair was met with a disdainful sigh and a Scotch tape dispenser. 

We arrived in Asheville, NC after 432.7 miles, running through eastern TN after spending most of the day in VA. Hospitality was graciously provided by Gail Collins, International Queen, I mean President of Women in the Wind. A hearty supper of jambalaya was served and we talked and talked well into the evening.


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